Read this Before March 14, 2020

For your information, you are left with about 2 weeks to end the first quarter of the year 2020. 

And as it stands, do you know that almost 20% of 2020 is gone?

How time flies…

What have you achieved so far?

And with the turn of things in the economy right now, have you activated financial invincibility?

Currently, dollar is being exchanged for about N400 and based on speculation, it is even heading to N500 before any decline.

What does this have to tell you?

Be prepared for what is coming…

Inflation is coming and its going to affect every sector.

Food will get expensive, high standard of living and government may start owing salaries.

Private sector may lay off staff as well.

So, how can you activate financial invincibility?

1. Find more ways to make more money while working from home this period because your salary will not be enough.

2. Only spend money on the things you need.

3. Start saving your money in foreign account to prevent you from naira devaluation.

4. Take a smart move to make money in dollars right now.

This is the best time to start your side-business because what you spend easily to cater for certain things may not be enough again.

You may have had several goals and dreams at the start of the year…

Are those financial dreams still alive?

An extra N100k – N500k monthly is very much achievable!

An extra N2m – N10m is still achievable in 2020 for you!


“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality.” – Earl Nightingale

But, how often do you really sit and think about the path you want to embark on this year and the necessary steps to get there?

Far too often we find ourselves caught in the trap of wishing for an outcome in life but do little to ensure it’ll transpire.

This happens in all aspects of life – wishing to lose weight, wishing to make 6 figures or 7 figures, wishing to have a better job, … and on it goes.

But wishing isn’t enough.

You have to reject the status quo and REACH for MORE.

Not until you are READY to change your story (from N30k to 100k/month, N200k to 500k/month, N1m to N4m per month, etc…), nothing would change.


[+] Love to get a car ? Do something about it

[+] Tired of your job ? Do something about it

[+] Want to scale up your income ? Do something about it

It all boils down to you taking a bold step and stop complaining. You can do it.

You can start here:

Reject the status quo, stop making excuses and DO SOMETHING to make more money legitimately.

P.S. Remember, you still have about 2 weeks from today (before the first quarter ends), to do something to boost your finances in the weeks, months and year quarters, ahead.


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