How to Get Amazon to Send You Money Every Month

There is this guy that figured out a way to get Amazon to send him money every month.

What was he doing?

Amazon has a program where they allow people to upload books or reports to their website and Amazon does the job of selling the books for them.

You don’t need to spend any money on advertising.

You don’t need to have a website.

Amazon does the entire job of selling your books for you.

When they sell a copy, they take a cut and pay you the rest.

The good thing is that these books can be as short as 30 pages.

For instance, one of his books that has been making him a lot of money on Amazon is a food recipe of about 32 pages.

And he doesn’t even write the books he sells on Amazon himself.

What he does is to pay writers to write the books for him while he goes on to make a lot of money from it.

The REALLY good thing about this, is the passive nature of the income you get from Amazon.

If you know Amazon, then you know that Amazon gets millions of visitors every month.

Let’s say you uploaded a book on Amazon that sells, Amazon simply sends you payments for the book sales every month.

Even if you are not really doing good, this guy thinks you should be able to make $500 a month which is not bad.

On average, you should be making between $1500 – $3000.

If you are doing well, then you will be making above $3000.

On a Monthly Basis!

Just from uploading books on Amazon.

But then, this won’t work for everyone.

That is because there is a system to doing this.

Not all books will sell on Amazon.

There is a way to go about this if you want to succeed with it.

This guy has been doing this since 2014.

But for the first time, he has created a program to teach people who are interested on how to do it.

If you are interested, then click here to go through an orientation session and to plug in.

To your new Amazon monthly, passive, sweet income stream.



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