3 Personal Finance Mistakes You Should Not Make In 2019

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Personal finance is the financial management which an individual or a family unit performs to budget, save, and spend monetary resources over time, taking into account various financial risks and future life events. [Wikipedia]

Its objective is financial security (for employees) and independence (for business owners & investors) so that an individual or a family can meet expected expenses and withstand monetary emergencies. It involves making prudent financial decisions, budgeting, saving, investing, tax planning, retirement planning, etc

This year, 2018, is about to end. How were your financial decisions in 2018? What results do you have to show for them? Are the results what you expected? Like, are you okay with the results you have gotten (that is, if any)? Do you WANT better results in 2019? Then, you can attract better results by changing tactics and avoiding some key personal finance mistakes you made in 2018 viz:

1. Not having an income source that you are in charge or control of.

Do you have a business? Okay, probably, answer is yes. Now, do you have full control over the business? If you are just an employee and have a boss, know that you are not the one in control. If you are into networking business promoting various products and making referrals, getting rewards/commissions and other incentives, know that you are not the one in charge.

There is nothing wrong finding yourself in any of the aforementioned but the issue is, not being in charge.

When you are not in charge, then you are the mercy of the ones in charge. Just anything can happen to you, at any point, even without your permission.

When you are not in charge, your inputs would not be commensurate with your output. For instance, imagine working 9-5 daily for 30 days only to earn N20k – N100k at month end.

When you are not in charge, you cannot EASILY and QUICKLY scale up your earning potentials. One reason is that you can only earn from the fixed returns/compensation of the one in charge.

But when you are in charge, you can decide if you want to earn N300k, N600k or N1m per month and work towards it. And just before you begin to shout or doubt, it is very achievable.

Those doing it don’t have 2 heads!

When you are in charge, whatever you want to achieve is possible. Cos whatever, the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

When you are in charge, your inputs can be commensurate with your outputs.

When you are in charge, you are not at the mercy of others.

In 2019, one financial decision that can turn things around is to add an income source or sources that put you in full control.

Start a business or income source that you call the shots. You won’t regret this.

2. Depending on a single income source

If you have just a single income source – your job, or just one business, etc you have to add another income source in 2019.

It is a MUST o… Cos you will appreciate this later, maybe come December 31st, 2019.

The results you will get will be far better than the one you get for having just one source.

Interestingly, there are businesses that leverage on internet to produce massive ROI (return on investment).

Take mini-importation for instance, do you know there are products you can import for less than N1,000 – N3,000 and sell for over N15,000 or N25,000 per one.

Not to even mention dropshipping, web consulting, digital arbitrage, freelancing, digital products business, information marketing, etc?

These are some of the 6-figure cash-spinning businesses many people don’t know.

Depending on only one income source is like travelling in your car to long distance and yet no spare tyre.

Depending on only one income source is  suicidal.

Instead of depending on just your job or only one income stream, create multiple streams in 2019 and watch your income soar higher.

3. Doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein is widely credited with the saying:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

How long will you continue to do the same things year after year that are giving you the results you are not fine with? 2019 has to be different!

Are you still running from pillar to post with income streams that are not in your control yet expecting to make a fortune from them?

When will you set up your own business with your own products and services?

When will you be able to create your own value and leave great positive impacts in the lives of others?

Just in case you don’t, it is the value you create and control that will pump the needful into your bank account.

In 2019, stop all these joining of programs here and there. Create your own products and services and call the shots.

Have you been depending on only one income source and yet expecting to be wealthy? Are you aware that the wealthy have multiple income sources?

Are you still not saving, not making investments, not making plans, not setting S.M.A.R.T goals, still spending more than what you earn, not taking action on helpful and strategic information, etc and yet you want things to turn out differently?

If 2019 is going to be different, then you have to make it different.

You cannot continue to do in 2019, the same thing you have been doing in 2018 that gave you the results you don’t want.

If you have made any of the stated personal finance mistakes, then you have to make 2019 different so as to get different and better results. You can do so by doing things differently in 2019.

Thanks for reading.

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